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Feel the Energy. We are a simple company.  We believe in offering the highest quality Himalayan Salt Products mined from the famous Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan, home of the original Himalayan Pink Salt.   We believe in FREE SHIPPING within the United Sates.  We also believe in standing behind our products.  Because of that, we offer a 100% Life-time Guarantee on all of our Himalayan Salt Lamps.  It’s that simple.

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 Warm up your living room with the tranquil glow from our Himalayan Salt Lamps! Feel the energy from our unique line of Lamps, Essential Oil Diffusers, and Tea Candle holders, all made from our Himalayan Pink Salt!


Season your food the smart way! Himalayan Pink Salt products from the Salt Mine are lower in sodium and packed with 84 essential vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes, making the the healthy alterntive to regular table salt!


Take a spa day with our incredible line of bath products! Whether its our Himalayan Bath Bomb, Pink Salt Bath, Exfoliating Salt Bar, or handmade Scented Salt Soaps, we have what you need to keep you feeling great!

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“Hi Barbara! I just received the salt lamp and it’s AWESOME! We love the heart! OMG! I also want to thank you for the toothbrush kit! OMG! That is crazy awesome! I’m going to have to order those as gifts!  Thank you SO SO much! XO”

“Hi!  I just bought a salt lamp from your store and I love it. I notice such a difference in the air.  I would eventually love to fill my whole house with them! I’m amazed by the difference in the air.”

“Thank you Barbara!! The Salt Lamp is beautiful and thank you for the Tea Light holder.  Received it today and set it up already. It is beautiful, and when it gets dark I will take a picture and send it to you. So glad we bought this one!”